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Matthijs Andeweg

Visual Designer

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About me

My name is Matthijs Andeweg and I am a visual designer. I have studied Media design at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. Besides designing I have a few hobbies which are photography, fitness and traveling. I really like to be creative and help clients to develop and grow their online visual presence with the help of my expertise.

My Abilities

What are my Disciplines?


UI / UX Design

Designing user-interfaces with the focus on the user experience. Mostly responsive webdesign.


Visual Design

Think about the design for a social media banner, business card or a poster.


Concept Creation

Creating a concept via research and brainstorm-sessions.

In case you are wondering what kind of projects I usually do.

Webdesign + Logo + Styleguide


Logo + Powerpoint

75 Years of Liberation

Logo + Styleguide

Boozies Jewelry

My Portfolio

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