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About me

My name is Matthijs Andeweg, 27 years old and I am currently living in Zoetermeer. I have studied interaction design at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The ability to create a concept and shape it with colors, typography, forms and different spaces is almost magical. When you combine this with data from a certain research, you could create a tremendously powerful digital product. Because almost everything is possible these days and the digital world is growing and therefore expanding, I will always create and design for a better world. Whether it has the focus on user-experience or a very abstract kind of design.

I am profound in designing responsive websites, applications or other user-interfaces. One of the things that goes really well with design digital solutions is concept creation. This is something I really like because at this stage you can really lay the groundwork for a good digital product. Another discipline that I am good at is visual design. Think about business cards, social media banners or posters. Last, but not least, there is brand building. I have helped building some brands from scratch up to their present form. In the process I designed the logo, choose the typography and colors, create the right style for the company and advise them when necessary. What I really like about this part is that besides creating and helping with the concept, I can shape it to something that like websites have their own personalities. First there was nothing but thought, now it has a vessel and is visible to be explored.

27 Yrs

How old am i?

Born in 1993, The Netherlands.



In the year 2019, I graduated from my study ‘Webdesign / Interactive Design’.


2012 - 2020

Currently I am working at Snowworld in Zoetermeer.


& Health

I really like to hit the gym and give it my. It will also help me to stay fit and healthy.



My other hobby is photography. I like to capture the beauty of my surroundings.


Piano & Guitar

Sinds I was around 10 years old I have been playing the piano & the guitar.


One of my hobbies is Photography. During my study I have had some lessons in photography where we had to go into the city with a certain assignment. In the past I was shooting with my smartphone and I must say that I really got some amazing pictures out of it. I have bought my camera in the summer of 2019 and from that moment on, I have been shooting in Toronto, The Netherlands and in the French Alps. There is something beautiful in every moment, the magic happens when you are able to capture a little bit of the moment with your camera. In my opinion, a photo could make it or break it, but it is never a bad picture. I am very exciting for the adventures to come and all the awesome moments I could capture.

I am always trying to capture the beauty of my surroundings