Travel and capture

I always try to capture the beauty of my surroundings

I have bought my camera in the summer of 2019 and from that moment on, I have been shooting in Toronto, The Netherlands and in the French Alps. There is something beautiful in every moment, the magic happens when you are able to capture a little bit of the moment with your camera. In my opinion, a photo could make it or break it, but it is never a bad picture. I am very exciting for the adventures to come and all the awesome moments I could capture.

About me

Who am i?

My name is Matthijs Andeweg and I am a Media designer. Besides designing I have a few hobbies which are photography, fitness and traveling. I really like to be creative and help clients to develop and grow their online visual presence with the help of my expertise.

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Media design is very broad, so don’t hesitate and discover my work.

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