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Well my name is Matthijs Andeweg, I am 28 Years old and living in The Netherlands. I have a few hobbies which are fitness, photography, skiing and playing the piano. One of the things I really like of being a digital designer is that I can be creative and at the same time create something out of nothing. Every project starts from scratch, you just have to gather the pieces and assemble them in a creative way. While designing there are so many things that you must take into account. The digital world is constantly changing so innovation and creativity really goes well together.

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A dominant Question

Design thinking

For me design is a certain type of mindset. While creating a concept you have to be able to be creative and keep the basis objectives in mind. Combined with a out of the box approach within a design perspective where there are multiple guide lines you have to follow, will result in a strong and stable product. Being able the establish a strong foundation where things such as conversion, attribution and opportunities are part of daily innovation, is key to its development. This process is never finished as the digital world is changing day by day.

What are the fases

The Process

The first step in every project is to understand and gather useful background information. Ask the right questions, why would you think that the solution you have in mind is the one that is suitable for your goal?
In this fase it is time create a strategy with the information that you have gathered in the previous fase. What are the objectives and starting points for this project? At the end of this fase you have a strong foundation for a great concept.
With the foundation in mind, it is time to brainstorm, gather inspiration and fine-tune the concept. The concept is visually reinforced by wireframes, which is a schematic visual of the concept. At the end of this fase we have established a concept a design style (typography, colors and guidelines). The moment that this fase is approved, I will move to the next and final fase.
It is finally time to put it all together and create a digital design from our concept. Everything comes together, which will result in a visual appealing digital product.


Educational Information

2015 - 2019

Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht

In 2015 I started my study Interaction Design (Media Design) at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, located in Utrecht. During my study I have learned to work with software programmes like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd and many more from the Creative Suite. Besides learning how to use the software programmes, we also had subjects / courses like Interface design, photography, concept creation, HTML & CSS programming languages, presentation techniques and Art. One of the most valuable skills I have learned during this study is to think outside the box within a principled design perspective. I graduated in July 2019.

2018 - 2019

Intership at Flink

During my study, I had to do an internship for 1 year. I did my internship at Flink, which is a Digital Agency based in The Hague. Flink is specialized in online strategy, concept creation, webdesign and continued development. During my time here I was part of the design team where we mainly did concept creation, wireframing, style guides and of course webdesign. I have worked on many amazing projects where I learned the design principles of webdesign. This period of my study really enchanced my design thinking.

2019 -

After my study

During my study I also worked at SnowWorld Zoetermeer, which is an indoor slope where you can ski or snowboard. I have been working on the Rental department for about 8 years now. We are highly focusing on creating and providing the best experience for our guests. Creating a wintersport atmoshpere within an indoor slope without the tremendously breathtaking mountains to surround us, is quite the challenge. That’s why we are striving to keep develop our guest orientations at the best pace possible. After my study I started to work as a Supervisor. Besides my job I still do some design projects for friends and family.

From design, software and coding

My Expertises

Expertise - 8/10

Visual Design

Webdesign, styleguides, logo’s, banners or social media design.

Expertise - 8/10

UI / UX Design

Interfase and Experience design for digital outputs.

Expertise - 6/10


I understand the basics of the programming languages HTML & CSS.


Adobe Suite

Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd, Lightroom and Premiere pro.


Adobe Suite

Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd, Lightroom and Premiere pro.

Expertise - 7/10

Figma & Sketch

I have worked on design projects with both Figma and Sketch.

Expertise - 7/10


One of my hobbies is photography.

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From logo design to styleguides and webdesign, everything that is digital and can be visually designed.

Logo & Commercial Material Design

75 Years of Liberation

Logo Design & Strategy

Bake & Bowls

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