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My name is Matthijs and I have studied media design at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. My mission is the change the digital world through a well thought design and a creative perspective. Keep on reading and discover more about me and my hobbies which define me as a person.

What is design for me?


When we talk about visual design I am referring to every different section within the design industry. From designing an interface with a great user experience to a folder or Powerpoint, it all comes down to some basic principles. When we find the right balance between the user experience, color, contrast, typography and consistency we have created a foundation to establish and develop a powerful digital product.

To brainstorm about a concept where something challenges me to bring the best I have to keep moving forward is rewarding. Every project is different so it must have its own identity. During my study we have learned to think outside the box and look at projects from a creative perspective. This approach really helped me te boost my creativity and to think differently in every project. During my internship I learned more basic principles in real projects. This was also the moment for me that I made the biggest progression, because besides the creative approach and design feeling I had something to combine it with and to help me to give my designs the needed boosts.
Within a good design there is always a style guide which represents the assumptions of the concept. This so called style guide consists of colors, shapes, typography, elements and guidelines for online and offline situations. I am really curious what the future has in store for me within the design industry, the only thing I could say is; “Let’s get it on!”.

Music is freedom


When I was ten years old, I started playing the piano. At first I had lessons, but after two years I still did not learn the songs I really wanted to play. So I decided to quit the lessons and to learn some songs via Youtube which was becoming more popular. It also helped that I had a friend who could play the piano quite good, a true prodigy. We often came together when he would learn me a little bit of technique. This was my foundation of playing the piano. From that moment on I started to learn some soundtracks and songs. I even started to improvise which led to some great pieces. My father played the guitar, so I think around the same time that I started to play the piano, I also began with the guitar which I did not play as often as the piano. I learned the basics and about 1 year ago I started to practice it again.

The tremendously breathtaking views


One of my highlights in the winter-season is skiing in the Alps. The breathtaking views and the mountain breeze make it almost magical. I learned to ski when I was little, and since then I went to the mountains every winter. One of my favorite places is Les Deux Alpes, which is located in the French part of the European Alps. This ski region is great for beginners but also advanced skiers. One of the highlights is the glacier with a height of 3600m. I took my Canon M50 camera with me to capture the awesome views and moments, so if you are curious to the end result, please have a look at my photos in the photography section.

Here comes a nice fitness quote


The gym is where I am at almost 6 days a week. For me the training sessions help me to clear my head and keep my discipline on sharp. The more energy you give, the more you will receive in the end. My goal is to stay healthy and fit as long as possible. 

Stories on screen


One of my hobbies is photography, I really like to capture the moment

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